Workers Awarded 15 Million- Boss Called Workers Racial Epithets

If.. I said this happened without this link some people would say- “you have no proof” or “no on does that anymore, stop living in the past”, “this is a one time situation”, or one of the favorites, “You’re contributing to the problem”. Okay, that is the obvious. Here’s the one that sneaks up on you. The whistleblower (whom I commend), probably wasn’t the only one who spoke up against this but got the credit for being the (brave one, America’s version of Nietzsche’s super man). Unless the lighter shade and tint says it, it doesn’t have merit, exist, or comes from the negative imagination. That is not the whistleblower’s fault. It’s the thinking of those who feel blacks can’t do anything without the help of white folk. Complimenting while insulting. Dehumanizing. Some well meaning folks can have an undetectable bias that only they can remedy. Put self aware and self reflect on your playlist and blast it pass Volume 10!  From the website the Root- LINK

Mohamet Camara

Mahamet Camara, one of the workers awarded the 15 million

after the judge found the employer discriminated against them

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