Music Video by the Hue from Houston (duh) with Some Special Guests

WORLD PREMIER!!! OK check this out. A Houston rap group partnered with some Houston artists and created this video. It’s an homage and reference to the hip hop group Digable Planets song and video “Cool Like That” but with a different experience and twist on the storytelling. The ladies in the beginning and end is refreshing. It tempers the hip hop masculinity frames that has been attached since the nascent identity of hip hop.  This video by the HUE (H.I.S.D. & Radio Galaxy) f Ladybug Mecca-“Slick”.. filmed in Nathaniel Donnett’s exhibition “Nothing To See, Hear” at the Contemporary Arts Museum.
Filmed by Damien Randle Featuring: Savvi Hue, Scottie Pippen, EQuality Hue, Kim Jefferson  on vocals
King Midas of H.I.S.D. – production
King Mason, Philippe D. Edison, Cozmos – additional instrumentation
Appearances Nathaniel Donnett (visual artist / curator),Robert Hodge, Flash Gordon, Lovie Olivia, and Robert Pruitt (visual artists)
Asst director:Grandfather ClocPhotography: Xphaqtor Photography / Will Morgan
Art Director: FWMJ
Filmed on location at the Contemporary Arts Museum