What’s My Status: Documenting My Lack of Humanity

These bi-weekly status updates are part of my grand plot to subdue, create envy and remain human. The established norms that exist in social media are currently occupying the space in my practice that examines the adaptations of popular culture. And basically, I grew annoyed with Facebook and the lack of a relevant Miss Manners’ Guide to Correct Behavior for the Emerging Artist.

These status updates aim to give insight on relative social, professional or other standings on things in my everyday life.

11/5 Status Update:

I want someone to think of me when it’s raining. I want someone to think of me when it is raining at 3pm on a Wednesday because they appreciate the follow:

  1. My daily desire to walk to work as an act of resistance and devotion to the cosmology of my rapidly gentrifying neighborhood
  2. As well as my need to contribute to lessening the effects of green house gases on our global environment as a Texan
  3. The acknowledgement of my frugality and casual search for simplicity in life
  4. And of how rain and my own misunderstood adherence to the fashion standards placed on women don’t mix

and just txt me- “Hey lady, want me to pick ya up?”