play for the day: sympatico


Me: Hey- be sympathetic.

You: Deep down inside?

Me: Yes.

You: I want you.

Me: Clap for me-

You: Say, say….

Me: Clap, clap for me.

You: (Claps) You’re full of rumors. You know that don’t you?

Me: Its not as fun when the rabbit got the gun.

You: What that mean?

Me: Bang!

You: There’s wine all over the floor.

Me: The floor of the world is wet with blood.

You: Bang!

Me: Touche (with the accent over the “e”).

You: Show me how to love again?

Me: Sink and swim.

You: I used to live in Ohio.

Me: Here’s how you love again:

You: Teach.

Me: You ready?

You: Living in Ohio made me ready.

Me: That’s actually pretty heavy.

You: Lift me.

Me: We’re both already so high.

You: I’m light.

Me: That’s it!

You: That’s what’s it is?….

Me: Be light. Be heavy. Sink and swim.

You: There really ain’t no other way hunh?

Me: Naw. Not really.

You: You’ve not been at this long.

Me: Naw.

You: Danke.

Me: Hunh?

You: Thank you.

Me: Let’s fight.

You: NO.