I Like What I Like… I Like What I Write, right?

I have a friend who is a writer and fashion editor who has created a book of poems. Her pieces seem to straddle between the conceptual and the poetic within the everyday, observations of the ordinary and a celebration of her creative freedom. These poems are poems about poem writing and documenting the experiences of the poet who sees writing and poems as devices that are partial, if not complete solutions to watering the fields of those who suffer from a slowly expanding drought in humanity. This work got flow! Atlas creates a window that allows us to peek into her perspective and witness her subtle mix of word forms and play. It’s always interesting to see how other people are living, what they’re thinking about and the form it is created in so that outsiders are able to also experience it..

I also think it is cool that she made these available to the public to download. I have a couple of favorites; Writer’s Anonymous (for it’s day to day indexing) and I Like for its play on the comments we here the average Joe or Jane or DeShaun or Shaniqua saying when folks try to limit or place their form of expression in a box that is unable for a flea to breath in. Something like…(I like what I like; therefore I write what I write “this is what I write about,” and I’m not concerned about what people say about it.”

So without further adieu, I bring to you.  Atlas Brown!

I Like

I like Jimi Hendrix

He talked through his fingers like a craftsmen

I like Lena Horne

She sang melodies with daring beauty

My beat is different

I write.

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