Action and Admiration

As admirers of fine art, craft, and design, why are we are often the first to question its price? What is the value of handmade, and why do we struggle with paying the asking price?

I ask these question as an artist, one who creates for a living. I believe that artist, as all creative types; find joy in discovering the beautifully new and uncharted territories of creativity. Artist seek to perfect their talents, are often trained and educated in how to reuse, make, beautify and bring awareness of the world around us.

We teach kindness, beauty, love and appreciation to our children. As a society we praise and value the works of artists who have died decades ago, and whose relevancy only truly exists as a launching point for those who currently create. Yet, many children are not taught to support, or to encourage (by example, or words) those people who dedicate their lives to producing work that often embodies those values.

Why do we not respect art and artist enough to put our money where our proverbial mouths are? I am not speaking to the long pocket business owner, the wealthy heiress, or the fancy executive; I am thinking of the average consumer. The ones that often need to save their pennies for the newest phone, flat screen and caramel macchiato.



There is also the point (or excuse), ‘that I could make this myself.’ But, with respect, many of us do not make the time to do so. If the work is enjoyed, we should vote via support- viable, and actual support. Or is that we no longer believe in intellectual property, and creative labor. Has clicking the mouse, product placement marketing and the manufacturing beast given rise to the failure of the hand?

Is it when you take the local artist out of the equation, creating a false anonymity, do we not haggle price, or question value? When the consumer chooses the smell of plastic and resigns with that sinking feeling of knowing that you purchased factory made over the friendly neighborhood artist, the cancer of poor taste metastasis.

Artists are working people, who have committed themselves to doing what they love and are perfecting, and fine tuning their craft. Help us help you.