Low Art, High Art in its Yellow Prime

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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This is Yellowism, Graffiti, Gang tags, Throw ups, Art, Frustrated Anti – Obama (elitist) art?    

I can’t understand this world of art. Am I part of it?  Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.  

My post was sparked by a couple of things; The act of graffiti and how the art world gets inspired by it and things outside itself then uses those things to exclude all who are not willing to dance and the philosophy of yellowism. Something that claims to not be a part of the art world but uses its components and methods to claim it’s not part of it. (HUH?)

 For example, graffiti writing wasn’t worrying about art on their art world terms and gang tagging wasn’t worried about anything but eluding the cops and poppin’ a sucka who stepped in the wrong spot. Oh and money but hey this is America!

That’s on everyone’s short-term list.

I hear you saying in your snooty voices like you’re holding your nose swimming in the oil swells of Galveston, “ I can’t believe you placed the words art and gang tagging in a sentence together; one doesn’t have anything to do with the other.”

Gngsigns  gang tag  by gang members, who will put a cap in your behind

shewp  graffiti by artist  Shewp who will put a cap on a spray can

What could tagging your name (usually gang related) over an opposing gang or enemy’s name or placing some letters that are abstractions that have all types of meanings and signifiers do with art? I won’t go into micro-distinctions between gang tags and graff writing and if it’s art. That’s not the main point. If you need more reference about graff writing and gang tagging, consult here and here.

My point is how the act (the verb) aka crossing out somebody’s identity is not part of the thing (the noun) aka art world.

How the verb is coopted by the noun, but then the noun (the art world) uses that borrowed verb (crossing out names) as their M.O. and as a result dismisses the act (the n’s, I mean nouns) who used the verb in the first place.

Yes.. that’s how parts of the art world does it. I mean why are they always talking about getting folks to come to the museums in the first place if they didn’t feel like something went wrong somewhere? Did it?

If it’s on the street it’s low-end theory but if it’s in the art world it high brow boom boom. Says who? You? Me? Them? They?

But wait a minute, hit the bizarro button…..

What about yellowism?

What is yellowism? Is that like what happens when you get nervous before you take your first parachute jump and you say Helll No!

No, it’s actually a philosophy attached to art. Anti – art? Well.. here’s the  manifesto.


Manifesto Yellowism

Yellowism is not art or anti-art

Examples of Yellowism can look like works

Of art but are not works of art. We believe that

The context for works of art is already art. More Here

It’s  a movement/philosophy that runs parallel to art but is outside of the art system. Sounds familiar but only in reverse?  LINK. The concept is interesting where they deny themselves as art or art makers and what they do is all encompassing but hold on to your post modern paint brush video installations hats; they also destroy or repurpose existing art work. This guy painted on a Rothko painting in the Tate Modern Museum in London

Vladimir Umanet yellowism

And we’ve had a couple of events here. The issue with this guy at the Menil

Uriel Landerosa at Menil

and the Soul Food spot The Breakfast Klub (see Obama pictures in beginning of post).  The issue at the Breakfast Klub is political and kinda stupid. This person doesn’t realize how much pop that the Breakfast Klub is getting and how he’s uniting President Obama’s supporters.  I mean agree or disagree with the politics I’m happy to see murals of all sorts around this city. This one of President Obama is thanks to MOCAH and assistants.  I’m glad that Lawndale has started doing them in some type of rotation. There’s some gangsta to this act of painting over a painting of Obama. I wonder if this person knows he’s more in line with gang members than he is with the Texas conservative group, or the Art big wigs that determine who’s who?

So now we delve into this outside the art world thing. I equate the gang tagging and graffiti to a lesser extent to these outsiders that wish to remain outside of the art world. The gangs are not concerned with it; whereas, you may have some graffiti writers who would like to be in that world. The connection to yellowism is how these guys wish to create something outside of art yet, use art world concepts as materials to substantiate their theory. I don’t know but that sounds a bit circular to me. Shouldn’t we just look to the gangs and the graff writers as to what is best for art and skip the middle man/woman; the art world? I figure the next philosophy, movement, theory in art may not be related or concerned with the art world at all but get sucked up by the art world. 

Are these yellowish cats just trying to get some attention or are they on to something? I mean.. If I thought of something to classify an art idea, I don’t know if I’d name it blackish. What would you call it; whitish, orangish, pinkish, rainbowish, brownish

green presidential(ish)? Is it that already?


I don’t know, it was just a joke, a dream. *I was on my meds when I posted this.


Dear gallery and collector please send me my check from my sale. I promise I won’t

post anything else of this anti art nature…(who’s controlling who here?)


*note- Indie doesn’t really take meds he only added that statement for satiric effect.  He’s on your side (thumbs up)