(SHOUTOUT) Gregory Michael Carter: Endless Summer


Gregory Michael Carter has finished his magnum opus so to speak. Endless Summer is a 180 page book, that details GMC’s work from 1999 to 2012. Not every day you can see the culmination of 13 years worth of work, but Carter has packed this book from cover-to-cover. There are pics of corner store architecture, bridges from around the world, immense photographs of beautiful texture and enough collages to last a lifetime. The book also includes short written contributions by Gregory Michael Carter, artist Jamal Cyrus, artist Fahamu Pecou, and artist Robert Pruitt, as well as a forward from noted curator Alvia Wardlaw.

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Gregory Michael Carter is an artist living and working in Houston,Texas. His work consists primarily of mixed media approaches to drawing, painting, photography and collage. Through these works one can see the use of carefully constructed and coded ideograms, which depict his views on various social and political issues all over the world, how they are connected, and most importantly how they effect our everyday lives. Gregory’s work is rooted in an expanded view of history, with a particular interest in human interaction and how it causes the spread of culture in the modern world. Gregory Michael Carter is a founding member of Everything Records.

Buy The e-book for $14.99