Why Be Like Mike, When You Can Be Like Bert Long?




illustrations by Nathaniel Donnett

A conversation with Garry Reece made me really think about the people I am around and how we value them and ourselves. Garry said that Bert Long (along with) Jesse Lott are the shoulders of giants we as younger artists sit on. I agree one million percent. I am glad I was able to speak briefly with him before things got to this point.  The reminded me about one of my many responsibilities as an artist which is to learn and pass that info on to the next group/generation. This is illustrated above..now moving on.

As you may know a great artist, Bert Long has passed on and made his transition.  I am saddened by this news as many of my fellow artists and friends; however, I’m also given an awakening as well. Bert was an important , great artist, kind, funny, laid back, down to earth, very smart, multi-talented, interesting and inspirational artist/person. (not enough space for all of the adjectives). I won’t spend much time speaking about Bert. You can go hereherehereherehere or here to see the impact Bert has had on Houston as an art community and Houston as the city; not to mention the rest of the world. No, I won’t speak on those things. When there are deaths amongst us, it sometimes becomes traditional that people you’ve never seen before come around to show their teeth, wares and sometimes bottoms. They’re usually looking for money, to be recognized as someone who knew the deceased in hopes that they gain some false recognition or fame, (sick but true) or truly  genuine people who want to pay their respects. I’m hoping that this post would be viewed as the latter and is as inspirational to you as Bert was to me and many who post here. And if what I post is not viewed as such please believe me that is the intent. I think Bert would want to see us as artists and human beings that we are sharing information and treating people with respect and kindness. Well, I’m gonna knock two birds out with one eyeball. This is what Bert has always done and continues to do.  I also thought it was a beautiful thing when a good artist friend Lauren Kelly – Oliver emailed me today the day I posted this,  and some artist opportunities to me and some art friends. I see Bert is already working through us….Synchronicity.

So no, I’m not gonna speak on how much we love Bert. I rather be like Bert and show it through action. So here are some links that I hope help you on  your art journey. I think Bert would do the same thing and I hope that one day my shoulders grow broad and strong enough that I too can carry some of the younger generation artists on them.  Good luck to you all.

Indie 000

Art advice, grants, and info to help the artist trying to get their get up up….

Art Advice/Sources

Paper Art Village


Artist Help Network – http://www.artisthelpnetwork.com/index.asp

Alliance of Artists Communities – http://www.artistcommunities.org/residencies

Americans for the Arts – http://www.artsusa.org/

Art Business – http://www.artbusiness.com/index.html

Artists Meeting Place and Resource Collective

National Arts Marketing Project – http://www.artsmarketing.org/

The Artlist.com – http://www.theartlist.com/

Art Law Blog – http://theartlawblog.blogspot.com/

Call for Entry – https://www.callforentry.org/index.php

Creative Capital – http://blog.creative-capital.org/


Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual Photographers Fellowship


Asian Cultural Council Individual Grants – http://www.asianculturalcouncil.org/

Artadia – http://www.artadia.org/

The CDS/ Honickman First Book Prize in Photography http://documentarystudies.duke.edu/bp/index.html

The Astraea Visual Arts Fund –


John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Award –


The Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Foundation Grant


  Library Fellows’ Award, National Museum of Women in the Arts


National Association of Latino Arts & Culture Grants


Native Arts & Cultures Foundation Fellowship


NEA Art Works Grant  



The Pollock-Krasner Foundation


William H. Johnson Prize


Xeric Foundation Grants for Comic Self-Publishers


The American Center for Artists



Adolf Konrad Artist-in-Residence Newark Museum Arts Workshop


Atlantic Center for the Arts


Bemis Center for Contemporary Art


Chinati Foundation




MacDowell Colony


MAK Center Artists and Architects


Studio Museum in Harlem


Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture


Paper Art Village


Many people aren’t fond of the conversation about after-lives or things of that nature. I will say that you may not be into that but the way Bert has affected people, his work, and character will allow his name to live on.

Rest In Peace Bert.