Rappin’ Social Theory Vol. 1, “Knowin’ da Blues”

The blues epistemology is a longstanding African American tradition
of explaining reality and change…within, and resistance to, the antebellum
plantation regime. The Mississippi Delta is the home of the blues tradition
in music, popular culture, and explanation.

– Clyde Woods, “Development Arrested: The Blues and Plantation Power in the MS Delta”
  (adapted from Richard Wright)


(Do you believe) they can barely hear the real shit?
In a world of fantasies, can you be da realest?
(Do you believe) that the government concealing
their true intentions, apprehending those that won’t be pillaged?
(Do you believe) that you doin’ the right thing will make you richer
and just because you paid these white folks still won’t call you nigger?
(Do you believe) that you can sacrifice it all,
when the ball’s in your court and your time has been called?
(Do you believe)

– Big K.R.I.T., “The Alarm”