A DJ Saved My Life

photo2a14beb1aee2d71c6fecb12f25c690f7_XL Two weekends in a row I’ve danced my ass off. Or maybe I’ve danced my ass on? Either way, I’ve been surprisingly delighted at my new-found options for moving my body, staving off early onset diabetes, and quieting rumors that Houston is a completely sedentary place. (Have you been to Discovery Green lately? Its swarming with people and dogs escaping from SUV’s to take advantage of this early spring/nonexistent winter weather.) Last week there’s soul music in midtown and this week, house music in Third Ward- two really central locations to dance until you sweat. You’ve probably passed by these venues. If you use the post office on Almeda or eat at Tacos A-Go-Go, you’ve glanced over briefly to wonder what these adjacent businesses are. Are they open? Who goes there? Nevertheless, these two venues delivered. Apparently both also have amazing patios. Like many fun and exhilarating occurrences  in Houston, consistency and frequency are issues. So I guess this is my prayer to the gods of dance (Bandza?) to shower Houston with ongoing and frequent opportunities to revive our bodies and remember  that our asses are for more than sitting in cars.

Info: A Fistful of Soul produces Houston’s Monthly Soul Dance Night at the Big Top Lounge.

DJ Nimbus produces Houston’s only monthly House Party, Exposure @ Cafe 4212.

Also check out this new blog: http://thirdwardhousemusicclub.tumblr.com/