Meet Robert Hodge!

Below is an interview of artist Robert Hodge, done by the Art Project. The Art Project, Houston’s ultimate goal is to  provide homeless artist an opportunity to make their own trade by creating, displaying and selling their art as a collective body through art exhibits in collaboration with those who are actively engaged in ameliorating suffering and bringing an end to this condition including local agencies, groups, organizations and individuals who share the concern of  the homeless dilemma.

Interview by Lanecia A. Rouse

We are thankful for the people throughout Houston who partner with us to provide opportunities that are healing and empowering the lives of the men and women we serve at the Bread of Life, Inc.  Every month we are going to introduce you to some of the Houston Artists who are partnering with The Art Project, Houston in variety of ways to meet the needs. We are thrilled to kick off 2013 with an interview with Robert Hodge.

Artist: Robert Hodge
Career: Interdisciplinary Artist

When did you realize you were an artist?
I was an artist when I would sacrifice luxuries to create and maintain a studio. As my man Fredrick Douglas would say, without struggle there is no progress.

Who/What inspires you? What moves you to create?
I am primarily inspired by History and everyday living that contributes to the work. As far as an artist I am inspired by, its extensive, but a few are Robert Raunshenberg, Glen Ligon, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Michael Ray Charles, Mark Bradford and David Hammonds to name a few.

As an artist, what would you define as success?
Success as an artist can consist of many things, but the main one is endurance.

What advice would you give aspiring artists?
Read. Research the history of art. Share. Connect and critique with like minds on your work. Finally, never give up. Your journey is not my journey and vice versa.

Why have you decided to partner with The Art Project, Houston? 
I attended St. John’s consistently when I was a teen and I’m extremely proud of all the amazing work the Bread of Life is doing and has done in the community. I also believe in sharing my talents and exchanging with people about art.

When People attend your workshops, what should they expect to receive? 
A small history lesson and hopefully some new techniques and ways of engaging their own work.

What is the coolest project you have worked on/are working on?
I am working on a public installation now called “The Beauty Box.” It will open April 1, 2013 on the corner of Dowling and Stuart. “The Beauty Box” goes back in time to a living/dining room interior of a typical house in third ward before integration. It will be 3-months of discussions and films activating the space for artists and the community.

Robert will be leading leading a specialized art workshop on January 30, instructing participants from the Bread of Life tell their stories through the medium of collage. He will be leading the same workshop in March (TBA) for the general public to help raise funds for the ongoing work of the Bread of Life to meet the needs of the disenfranchised throughout the City of Houston.

Works by Robert Hodge


“You Must Be My Soul Sista” Mixed Media on Paper 60×60

“Underground Railroad” Mixed Media on wood 18×18

“Pour Out” (Haiti Memorial) 2010 Silk Screen on paper 42X65