Its After the End of the World………


It’s after the end of the world.
Don’t you know that yet?

A number of us escaped into the wilderness, creating marooned
communities. The rest remained, left to wonder what became of
their deliverance?

Occasionally we hear the drums they beat. Snares and bass drops,
rolling down from the woods into our trembling ears. We imagine
the fantastic dances that attend these rhythms, but quickly return
our eyes downwards, back to our funhouse mirror reflections.
But, when the day’s work is done, and the fields are quiet, when
our phones are charging, and we have locked our doors, and our
children have absconded into the streets, when the doors of the
church have closed, and our minds have opened to the horrible
abyss of the cosmos, we wonder, what is one’s attire when free?
What is your posture when not stooped over? Who are you to
become after this rejection of the conqueror?

It’s after the end of the world. Don’t you know that yet? The
king is dead and the black void left in his place is fantastic. It is
formless and empty and frightening. We have been pushing into it
termite mounds, pyramids, space ships and our mother’s wombs.
There is still room yet, for great expanses of land littered with
schools and libraries and sunlight. Swelling that former colonized
space with new and multiplying interpretations of our face.
Uncondensed, and spilling forth into new days and nights

We have here, for you to consider, views from that alter destiny.
Somewhere on the other side of time our descendants, who, having
overcome tyranny and incarceration, have re-imagined themselves
and their effects for the form and function of living free. We set
this before you as destination to forge a path too.

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