Black Siskel Movie Reviews


When it comes to movie reviews, sometimes they will be done after full contemplation and others will be done before the movie hits theaters thanks to easy access to bootlegs.



Without including any of the reasons Spike Lee refused to see the movie, DJANGO is a solid Tarantino flick. Full of over-the-top action, stellar characters, and an eclectic soundtrack. Now if you are including the reasons Spike hated on the movie, then you may understand where he is coming from. DJANGO is the greatest slavery spoof since Roots, and the historical inaccuracies are plentiful. This of course is a Tarantino film and with it comes a modern twist on history. Slaves reason with slaves masters and “nigger” is spoken like “nigga”.

The film is about a slave DJANGO (Jamie Foxx as Jamie Foxx) that is freed under the condition that he helps Dr. King Shultz (played by Tarantino’s favorite German, Christopher Waltz)
find the Brittle Brothers who have a bounty on their head. The two join forces and set off to find the brothers, become pals, and then conspire to free DJANGO’s sold off wife Broomhilda played horribly by Kerry Washington. Of course Kerry is a pretty face, but after being whipped and placed in the “hot box” after numerous escape attempts you would think she would be a tad tougher, yet she is timid and afraid of her masters.

One clear thing in DJANGO is that a free slave is leaps and bounds better looking and much more educated then a regular slave. DJANGO transforms at the very moment  he is freed to an exceptional negro capable of immaculate accuracy with a gun. Don Johnson plays a slave master named “Big Daddy” and we are treated to one of the movies best bits when slaves are dumbfounded by DJANGO, not only being free, but riding on a horse.



Once Shultz and DJANGO locate Bromhilda’s plantation we are introduced to Candy Land and Leonardo DiCaprio as Monsieur Candy. Leo pulls off the slave master in a convincing and scary way, but is out shined by movie addict Samuel L. Jackson as Stephen. Sam Jack channels Boondocks bigot Uncle Ruckus, making him more of a villain then Monsieur Candy. After a plan is foiled by Stephen, a Tarantino shootout commences with DJANGO using gun after gun to lay to waste to a small village of white folks.
Although many will point to this part as the key reason they enjoyed the film, but the fact that slavery was and is NO LAUGHING MATTER still resonates.

When Spike Lee spoke of disrespecting his ancestors by seeing the movie, he was accurate in that regard. At any moment you find humor in what was being spoofed, you immediately disrespect the past. Worst is when non-black movie goers laugh at parts that aren’t intended as humorous…at least I think it wasn’t supposed to be funny.

I give DJANGO UNCHAINED 4 outta 5 stars just act like the slavery part is fiction and not actual American history.