A conversation I overheard on the bus ride home from Jamal Cyrus’ “Stacks” opening

B-Yeah, the element of the body in the making of the meaning. Ex. To not only take the record back and forth with synchronized precision, but to generate in the movement of the arms, the tilt of the back, and the torque of the wrist, the feeling and attitude which loops back to the original intent. Original’s intent – The melding of process, form, and content, to speak. Now, the speech which is created is not only of the moment, but an accumulation of styled speech that goes way back.

B1-How long?

B-And by styled speech I mean all of it of course.

B1-So in the making of the word thing (art) there is potential to imbue that thing with more meaning?

B-Well, in the strategic making of the word thing there is definitely the opportunity to enter into wider fields of meaning, and hence more opportunities for entry, introspection, and recall. Data fields which you as the maker had not, nor would have considered.