Political Culture Jamming in Montrose

There’s something interesting happening in Montrose. Maybe I’m always speeding to Whole Foods too quickly to catch it all. This morning after discussing the opening of STACKS  on the 6am KPFT Living Art Program, Robert Pruitt and I stumbled upon this public art installation. I’m looking forward to more visual disruptions and actions that disrupt the political discourse with some aesthetic consideration. I’m also excited by the possibility of these very tactical and creative statements finding their way into conservative and demographically diverse crevices of the city to engage riskier, locally important conversations. One particularly clever and provocative example is the Third Ward Whole Foods sign that made an appearance earlier this year on the corner of Holman and Dowling in Third Ward.  If you scroll through the comments, you’ll find a wide range of ideas, assumptions and dialogue that hardly existed before seeing or hearing about this wooden sign in an abandoned lot. Contributors didn’t know whether to be suspicious, angry, thrilled, or annoyed. Some even put their graduate degrees to work and began researching Whole Foods building requirements! Like I said,  I’m excitedly anticipating more conceptual interventions. Houston artists- you have an audience.