Super Tuesday Happening: A Review

Super Tuesday Happening: A Review

MF Problem is a new local collaborative in Houston born from musings of the relationship between Autumn Knight and Robert Pruitt. The result of inside jokes, critical social critique and art practice – MF Problem emerges as art collaborative, a vessel through which such musings can be shared with tangential members of this relationship-Houston, the Bottoms, Artists, the galaxy.

Their second and most recent event, Super Tuesday: An Art Happening  took place Tuesday, November 6, election night. The e-flyer or promos for the event promised, or at least suggested debates and other interactive actions to be performed by participants/guests. The event’s creators intended for the event to be a happening where something happened other than watch debates.  In the watching of the debates, there seemed to be a separate thing happening. Those present generally experienced comraderie, community, communion beyond.

The theatricality and performativity of the debate news cycle turned out to be compelling.
We kept the volume low and looked at the screen for cues, numbers, points, while we engaged in separate conversations regarding our lives. We didn’t talk about change, or how our own personal lives would be affected by the outcome. We knew Obama would win. We needed to come together to let this electoral record play out  in the background. We knew all the songs, but still grew anxious when the record skipped.

As the moment was officially announced, we cheered. We were glad. However, our  youthful celebration was momentarily disrupted by a semi-elder, Rick Lowe. His warnings of another era, where politics were less negotiable, crackled within the fire behind us. We were warmed by his words of motivation to “hold his feet to the fire”, yet licked by the suggestion that “we” needed to do it- his generation had some other work to be done.

Was this event a success or a failure? When a happening or performance does not go as planned, where almost nothing planned happens- is this a happening, is it not the thing described?

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