STACKS: A call for materials


I am curating an exhibition at Art League Houston, opening on November 16th titled STACKS. It’s an installation and performance based show, and I have selected 5 artists to occupy the Art League’s main gallery space as a mini residency program.  As part of this exhibition the artists and I are seeking audience participation in the form of donated materials.

At the opening the artists will provide a service of rendering inert a selection of objects an materials deemed to be potentially culturally destructive. You will have the opportunity to rid yourselves of carcinogenic, outdated, tainted and weighty materials in your possession.

These materials would consist of, but are not limited to, items that are culturally charged, represent a negative stereotype, demeaning, poorly crafted, low budget, antiquated Black memorabilia and paraphernalia. We are challenging the public to think beyond mammy dolls and Uncle Tom’s Cabin notions of Black existence, but also search for those contemporary items that currently exclude alternate views of Black life. These are materials that range from African masks, Civil Rights photos, to the more contemporary and ephemeral notions of a post-racial America. We would like your family photos, Ebony and Jet magazines, Black light posters, Jazz albums you pretend you listen to, old school slow jam mix tape cassettes, scratched rap cd’s, Starter jackets, Obama 08′ stickers, etc. Please bring them immediately to Art League Houston at 1953 Montrose, Houston TX, 77004.  These items WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO YOU.
And please be sure to check out the opening performance where we deconstruct these materials.
November 16th 6-9PM
Thank you,
Robert Pruitt