This is Black or That Ain’t Black

People and (I also mean black people or Black people) have mulled

over what is black and what’s not. Blackness, blacknuss, blacknist, black, black, black, black this and black that.

What does black sound like? What does black look, feel or think like? There are many perspectives, so we thought or I thought (depending on who backs me up on this) to ask the

people, you the reader, “what is black” or what black ain’t.  I will, during the life span of this blog, periodically post images, links, text, phrases, comments, etc. here for you to consider all things black.

Is this a sure fire attempt at retaining black folks autonomy while locating conceptual black (group) identification, but also expand black imagination without limitations?

Being black and seeing black can be as tricky as an object’s function or a human’s interpretation of the object.

So this too, could be an imagination exercise as well as a thought exercise or just something to do as you Cadillac elbow turn through our blog.

Ahhhh, these are good times.

James, James, James. Did James know what it was to be black? Did this James, this James or this James? Well you get the picture.

Maybe it’s all black or these things ain’t black at all.

Please don’t confuse this post and future posts as some black victimization perspective

or if it ain’t black it doesn’t have any merit. This is mainly something to think about, observe and understand.  These posts are artist’s perspectives (mainly)

which we’d like for you to think about, disagree, agree or whatever.

At any rate, take a look and consider if  “This is black” or “That ain’t black.”

Disclosure: Some things will be paired up and some are singled out for consideration. There is no right or wrong way to view this but to only think about as many possibilities as possible.

ps… I may make my own little commentary. : )

Is This Black?  (look at the details)

Is This Black?

Um.. This ain’t black. You may see black folks drinking this but I don’t think this is black.. What do you think?

What about this?

What about the Griffs?

Griff # 1

Griff # 2

Griff # 3

This Black?

or this

This black?




Black Value?


This ain’t black………………..Is it?

This black?

This ain’t black.. fake plastic watermelon.