Studio Visit with Jesse Lott

During a visit to his studio, artist Mr. Jessie Lott gives a savvy assessment on the arts in Houston, collectors, and varied points on creativity and the influence of those who create.

In this conversation with Lott, fellow artists Robert Pruitt and M’kina Tapscott question how visual artists can harness the mechanics of creativity; and how collectors should view themselves as the curators of our artistic culture. Lott envisions a way of combining the needs of both of these parties, creating a relationship that will not only better preserve the artist’s work, but also add greater value to a collection.

Jessie Lott

Mr. Lott is a long time 5th Ward Houston, Texas native creating and selling his works as a student at E.O. Smith Elementary School in1957. Jessie Lott works in paper, metal and wood. His technique is derived from collecting and recycling discarded materials, as a type of urban archeology and scientific method. Lott is currently working on a public art commission for Metro.

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